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Meet Merel

Product Design and Creative Consultant

Merel Bekking (1987) graduated in 2011 from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht with a degree in Product Design. She started her own design studio in 2011 in Utrecht and maintained working on various projects and products while travelling the world. Over the last 5 years she has been living in Cape Town - South Africa, Bangor - Wales and Glasgow - Scotland.

Merel believes that you have a responsibility as a product designer towards the world and society. Merel's work has been making a major shift in the last few years towards an inclusive concept of design, by developing projects and production processes in which user groups who are marginalized are given priority. For her personal projects, she loves working on big, research-based projects that are more focussed on questions than solutions, with a growing focus on sustainability. 

Her work has been exhibited in Milan, Berlin, Eindhoven, London and sold her work in many more locations. She has done presentations, among others, in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Singapore Architects Festival, has done multiple Artists in Residencies and has received grants from the Creative Industries Fund NL. She often works as an external advisor and creative consultant for a variety of organizations.


Selection of publication

Selection of exhibitions and presentations


Consultancy and External Advice

Merel Bekking loves collaborating with others! Trough her experience as a product design and creative consultant, she can bring about change in existing organizations, discover new opportunities and establish new collaborations. She can help you identify, develop and produce new product ranges  or activities that will help you set up new revenu streams.  Merel has been applying her skills to, and has been collaborating with: Sweatshop Deluxe, Project Ability, Scottish Design Exchange, the University of the Arts Utrecht, Utrecht Development Board Development and others.

Interested in what Merel can do for you?  Send her a message and she can give you tailored advice on what she can help you with.

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