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Merel Bekking

Product Designer and Creative Consultant

Merel believes that, as a product designer, you have a responsibility towards the world and society. Merel's work had been making a major shift in the last few years towards an inclusive concept of design, by developing projects and production processes in which user groups who are marginalized are given priority. When working on personal projects, Merel loves working on big projects that are more focused on questions than solutions, with a growing focus on sustainability. 

Social Projects

Merel Bekking believes that design can have an important impact on social construct and is actively looking for ways to use her design knowledge to improve social systems. 


Merel Bekking loves collaborating with others! Trough her experience as a product design and creative consultant, she can discover new opportunities and help you identify, develop and produce new product ranges or activities that will help you set up new revenu streams. Want to learn more about what Merel could do for you and your social enterprise? 

Personal Projects

With her personal projects, Merel loves working on projects that are more focused on questions than solutions, with a focus on sustainability.

Selected Publications

Want to work together?

Merel Bekking loves working together! If you have any questions, comments, press request or just want to meet up over coffee, send me an email.

Merel shares her work, progress and inspiration on Instagram. Connect with Merel via @merelbekking

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