The Things I Need - colour, life and light

This latest series The Things I Need – Colour, Light and Life is a series of striking and colourful sculptural user objects created from Bekking’s need to surround herself with bold colours, living plants and bright lights.

Over the last couple of years Bekking found herself fighting one big question: “Can I still be a designer in this age of destruction?” After settling in Glasgow in February this year, Bekking reinvented her practice and changed her design-ethos: she vowed to no longer make more ‘things’ just for the sake of making. The Things I Need is the first series that follow her new self-imposed design-rules: ‘not harming the environment while making new products, or better yet, use materials that otherwise will end up in landfills’. Borrowing techniques from taxidermy, Bekking created a family of guild-free user products. Each design object was made by sculpting a body around a wire-framework. Instead of using traditional materials, Bekking “stuffed” her designs with her own personal non-recyclable dry waste like single use plastics, food packaging and the occasional torn nylon stockings. As an outer-skin she covered the bodies with bright, colourful layers of yellow, orange and red resins, finishing with a high gloss protecting layer. Bekking could have just simply discarded her waste at the city council dumpsites, where it will survive unchanged until the end of time. Instead she immortalizes her rubbish in joyful, bold designer objects, that will bring colour, life and light into this world.  


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