Merel Bekking is looking inside the brain of Marcus Fairs

January 6, 2016

What will happen if you develop a design object based on the brain activity of just one person? What kind of relationship will develop between the test subject and the object? For the first time ever Merel Bekking will be creating a hyper-individual design object based on the brain activity of Marcus Fairs.  
With Your Brain_manufacturing Bekking is applying her established research method, Brain_manufacturing, to only one test subject: Marcus Fairs, design journalist and founder of Dezeen. The MRI scanner will be used as a design tool to determine what Fairs likes, despite of what he says he likes, by directly measuring his brain activity.
In the coming months Bekking will work with the obtained results to create a hyper-individual design based on the brain preference of Marcus Fairs. She will place the object in the living environment of Fairs and will monitor him for six months, like an anthropologist, and will investigate what kind of relationship will develop between him and the final object. How will Fairs react to his own creation since he subconsciously made all the important design choices? This unique combination of state-of-the-art design method and design-anthropology will lead to new insights on design preference.
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