Goodbye Mr Fahrenheit, Hello Mrs Celius

October 6, 2015

Goodbye Mr Fahrenheit


With great sadness we regret to inform you that the production of the best-selling candlestick Mr. Fahrenheit has come to an end.

The concrete candleholder saw its light in the studio of Merel Bekking in 2013. After producing the candleholder in the studio for some time, Bekking decided to collaborate with the social design label Sweatshop Deluxe in early 2014. Since then Mr. Fahrenheit was produced in Rotterdam with great care and dedication. Unfortunately, Sweatshop Deluxe will be closing its doors at the end of this year and has stopped making Mr Fahrenheit. This unfortunately means that the candlestick from now is no longer available.

We are obviously very sad for the loss of our trusted friend. We naturally hope that you will take a moment to light a candle to commemorate Mr. Fahrenheit in style and assume that you will take great care of your own Mr. Fahrenheit.


Mr. Fahrenheit is still available in some shops, but these are the very last.

Hello Mrs Celsius


Hello Mrs Celsius

However, we are also very happy to share some wonderful news. We have spent months awaiting her, but at last we can share her with the rest of the world. We welcome Mrs Celsius.

Mrs Celsius is a mature, voluminous and luxurious concrete candleholder. With her five arms, reinforced concrete and luxury finish, Mrs Celsius will be shining brightly in darker times.

Mrs. Celsius is available in a very limited edition of 10 pieces and can only be ordered through Merel Bekking. She will cost € 148, - ex VAT.


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