Shape my town - Artist in Residency

In September 2017 Merel Bekking worked as an Artist in Residency with Cultural Action LLandudno. She has been researching the history of the Copper Mines on the Great Orme from the Victorian era to the Bronze age. She has been exploring malachite, the mineral that is de basis for copper and that was mined for in Llandudno, as a form, as a material and as a source of inspiration. Also, she has been experimenting with a clay mixture was used 3500 years ago, that was found in the mines.

She has co-worked with Llandudno archives, Llandudno Museum, Great Orme Copper Mines and David Chapman from Ancient Arts

During her residency a Pop-up Museum was created to highlight Llandudno's heritage to the largest prehistoric mine in the world, The Great Orme Copper Mines. Daily drop-in activities of create a bronze-age oil lamp and stone pendant took place. Artefacts from the Copper mine and Ancient Arts and the Llandudno Museum were out on exhibit.

Additionally during the residency Merel Bekking lead a malachite painting workshop for families and a copper jewellery masterclass. Up at the mines she co-worked with David Chapman with a smelting demonstration learning the procedures and processes in turning malachite to copper.

The Pop-up Museum received 1,645 visitors over 14 days and not only gave the public a opportunity learn about Llandudno's heritage but to voice their opinions about the town.


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