Merel Bekking

(1987) graduated in 2011 from the Utrecht School of the Arts with a degree in Product Design. In 2012 she started her own design studio in Utrecht. In 2015 she was working and living in Cape Town South Africa.In the beginning of 2017 she has moved to Bangor, North Wales, and in 2018 she moved and settled in Glasgow Scotland, where she is currently working and living.


Bekking has two side to her work. She develops all sorts of design user products and works with numerous materials like concrete, wood and plastic. On the other hand she works on projects that are based on design thinking. Bigger research based project that are more focussed on questions than solutions.
Her work is developed in commission and on her own initiative.


In 2013, 2014 and 2015 Bekking has received grants from the Creative Industries Fund NL within Open Calls Scheme and The Internationalization Programme.

In 2014 her work has been selected for a open call from the KF Hein Fonds.

In 2013 Merel Bekking was selected for Driving Dutch Design. Driving Dutch Design is an initiative of ABN AMRO, Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) and Dutch Design Week.

Advice and lectures

Besides giving motivational speeches and lectures about her work all over the world, from Amsterdam to Singapore and Cape Town, Merel Bekking has been a regular external advisor in a variety of organizations like the Utrecht School of Arts, Sweatshop Deluxe and the Utrecht Development Board.






4-12-2017 until 10-12-2017

31-08-2017 until 27-09-2017

Artist in Residency with Culture Action Llandudno

12-05-2017 / 14-05-2017

21-02-2016 / 30-09-2016

12-03-2015 / 21-05-2015

24-01-2015 / 10-05-2015

18-10-2014 / 26-10-2014

10-09-2014 / 12-11-2014

28-05-2014 / 01-06-2014